At Photography by DON WHITE WALKER, we continually strive to please our customer's with a pleasant personality and high quality photographs. 

    For indoor portraits, there are varied backgrounds to match clothing. Music is played for relaxation and there is never any waiting or rushing.

    Our outdoor studio consists of a country/mountain atmosphere with rocks, trees, trails, streams, antique truck, horse drawn wagon and barn. 

    Kid's day is every Tuesday and Mother's Day is every Thursday. No camera fee or obligation with these promotions. 

    We have a Watch Your Baby Grow Plan for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age.

    Since 1971, our business phisophy has been...high quality, respectable prices and kindness to the customer.

    The Walker family above from right to left, consists of Don, Charlene, Barb, Ryan, Trey, Tina, Claire, Cade and Keith.

    Don White Walker will be glad to help you with any additional information if you would like to call 865-984-0388